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Play Better

SoccerTee is a 3-step training tool that helps young players strike the ball farther, stronger, and straight into the net.

Play Safer

SoccerTee elevates the ball. By not worrying about hitting the ground, players can focus on learning to kick accurately.

Have More Fun

The SoccerTee creates a fun training environment by accelerating skill improvement.

It's easy

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Step 3


Step 2 SoccerTee
Step 3 SoccerTee
The Solution SoccerTee
Gold Medalist SoccerTee

See SoccerTee in action!

By learning to kick with SoccerTee, players can avoid frustration and enjoy playing more.

Top Customer Reviews

Parents love it!

–Coach Hervi Rualo

The SoccerTee made sense when I saw the multi height adjustment. The 2 inch height helped us with quick results and the 1 inch for learning skills of planter foot and striking the ball for low trajectory.”

Gold medalists love it!

– Amy "A-Rod" Rodriguez

“Winning starts with executing proper technique and mastering fundamentals. Help your athletes take their game to the highest level, give them the gold medal advantage with the SoccerTee.

Coaches love it!

– Coach CJ

“I wish I was the one who thought of it. It is a great tool to use for training. Even parents or someone who does not know much about soccer, just by seeing the Soccertee, will be able to coach their kids.”

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$19.95 and Lifetime Warranty

Team offers available

Play Better

Play Safer

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