Friday, November 25, 2016

12 Things To Thank Your Soccer Mom For

family in a parkAs Thanksgiving rolls in we cannot forget the people in our lives who make every possible. Our soccer moms are super heroes with Gatorades and advil in their purses always.  These women have been the chauffeurs to games, confidants when angry, and a shoulder to cry on when things did not go the way you planned. Through the horrendous practices and nail bitter games these women has been there through it all. Do not forget to give your soccer mom a hug and tell her how much you appreciate all she does. Here are a few things you can be thanking your soccer mom for:

  1. Always making sure my jersey is clean and ready to go before a game
  2. Hurrying to give me my jersey, or my cleats, or my shin guards when I left them at home before my game
  3. Always having advil
  4. Listening to me complain the whole ride home and at dinner if we lost
  5. Telling me I played good even when I clearly did not have a good game
  6. Always having dinner ready for me before or after a game
  7. Buying me more sports bras and socks than one person should own
  8. Reminding me that this injury is not a setback, but a comeback in the making
  9. Yelling at the refs, because somebody has too
  10. Coming to all my games whether rain, shine, or freezing cold
  11. Still loving me even when my shoes and shin guards smell up the car
  12. Being my number one fan always no matter what

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Soccer Mom’s out there.

Soccer Tee Team

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