A Father’s Need, a Solution Created

After seeing the need for his own daughter to know how to kick the soccer ball correctly, our founder started designing the very first SoccerTee in his garage. He found a solution that helped to teach his daughter how to kick the soccer ball with power and accuracy.


Why SoccerTee is only “Made in the USA”

SoccerTee is proudly made in the USA. We keep it this way for many reasons. The most obvious is because creates jobs here at home and in-turn those proceeds stay within the U.S.


Our Mission

SoccerTee is dedicated to provide direct support to both the youth soccer leagues, parents and individual youth players to accelerate the important and primary skill of kicking the soccer ball with power.

Our Hope

SoccerTee wants to see youth soccer rise to the level of performance and enjoyment that others countries experience worldwide. Our aim is to see soccer players of all ages receiving the training and development needed to compete at the youth soccer leagues across America. SoccerTee believes that learning to kick a soccer ball properly is the foundation of building the game in the United States.

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