Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Developing Skill Before Wins

One thing that we, here at SoccerTee, put first and foremost is the need of all players to strive for developing skills before the desire to win. This is detrimental to the ability of the player as they grow in the competitive playing world.
Through this article, Development first, winning second. How some youth coaches stunt player growth, we see many pros and cons how we should coach our young players and grow them into ball players that are skill enticed and win due to their fundamentals.
One of the most tragic things we can do to young players is push them beyond their limits at young ages and force winning upon them therefore when they are of age when the competition becomes real and means something then they have already lost their interest. It needs to be known in the coaching realm and even among parents in this society and culture that at such young ages it is perfectly fine for your players to just enjoy getting as many touches on the ball as possible. It is perfectly fine to guide through mistakes rather then harp on them and make these young players feel like they have failed. It is also essential for young players to learn how to handle mistakes and failure in a mature, elegant way, because those things are evident to happen.
In this article, Mike Nicholson, repeats this many times and it is as true as the first time he said it, “We should be developing players to have the skills, attributes and decision-making skills to compete when they are older, much older, when it matters, not now”.
We cannot forget that our kids are kids. Why should we force them to grow up before their time? Why should they be deprived of a childhood filled with fun and enjoyment? We need to let them grow into their abilities and find their own identity and style of playing. As parents and coaches we are called to guide and provide wisdom and teachings, and let them learn along the way. And finally Nicholson said, “Essentially, I believe we should be encouraging kids to get as many touches of the ball as possible, and supporting them when they make mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning, and how we respond to those mistakes as a coach will be a huge factor in deciding what type of players we produce. If you want cautious, predictable players than tell them their every move and criticize errors. We need to be giving the kids of today the best chance of developing the skills that they will need when they are older, when winning will become more important.”


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