Youth Coaches Are Winning Games, But Losing on Skills Development

Improper form and mechanics are both a problem in youth soccer from ages three to fifteen-years-old. Most kids naturally kick with their toes due to playing kick ball and other sports at such a young age. At around five-years-old when kids begin enrolling in soccer leagues, the improper techniques learned are apparent. Most coaches are simply moms and dads getting out there to support 4-5 year olds as they have fun learning the game. Often times it’s simply a well meant, “Don’t kick with your toes, kick with your laces!” yell from the practice field. Without the right training to achieve the proper form and muscle memory for a lace kick, youth players are reaching the age of nine and ten years old unable to consistently strike the ball correctly.

So, what contributes to this problem of poor form and mechanics? How can kids play so long without learning the basic lace kick? Well, primarily it’s time. Practice time is limited. A soccer coach simply cannot take each five to eight-year-old player aside and teach them one-on-one. The parent’s time is limited during the week as well. Even if a coach wanted to focus on every kid, after soccer practice there’s still dinner to be prepared. There’s still possibly home activities later that night and school the next day.

So must we as youth soccer coaches resign ourselves to just winning games and continue losing on skills development? Maybe not…


It’s all in our name. We are a “tee”. Think about it for a moment. Kid’s don’t start off in fast pitch baseball. They start with tee ball to learn the proper form and build the mechanics needed to advance to the next level enjoyably. The SoccerTee helps young soccer players learn in the same fashion. The SoccerTee is an adjustable tool both parents and coaches can use with their players.

Parents can use it when they have an open time to help their young soccer player practice within their schedule. It might be on a Sunday afternoon in the front yard or even taking it with them to any location such as a park or a greenbelt area. Coaches can use it at any age to start youth players off the right way by using the Rapid Fire Team Practice Drill. (Click Here) 

The patented SoccerTee helps players learn the proper form and muscle memory or a solid kick. The SoccerTee’s patented 3-Step process improves the “lace kick” of soccer players.

SoccerTee gives the players the advantage of training with an elevated ball using adjustable heights. It trains players to “lace kick” with accuracy and without injury.

The patented SoccerTee is a 3-Step training tool the helps developing players strike the ball with distance, accuracy, and power!


“I wish I was the one who thought of it. It is a great tool to use for training. Even parents or someone who does not know much about soccer, just by seeing the Soccertee, will be able to coach their kids on how to use their laces. Kicking with the toes is a hard habit to break and the Soccertee simplifies the whole process of using the laces to kick, especially for younger players. That is why I use the Soccertee.”

– Coach CJ

“The Soccertee has changed the way I coach because for the players who are having a problem striking the ball with their laces, it takes a long time to get the muscle memory down. So bringing in the SoccerTee, right away they are striking the ball clean, they are not building up frustration. They are encouraged and motivated. If you are able to do something the right way repeatedly, then that is the key to improving.”

– Coach Jeremie

“When parents ask me why I use the Soccertee, I tell them it’s simple. It helps me demonstrate a bit easier how to kick correctly, especially at that young age when you first introduce them to a Soccertee. It gives them a sense of that they are doing something better. They see more progress. It keeps them more engaged. When they see progress they want to keep going.”

– Coach Ross

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