madeinusa_heart_icon2We Believe in an Innovative America

TToday, more than ever, Americans place a value on “Made in America” because we take pride in our history of ingenuity, ability to create, innovate and build private business here in the USA. In the US, we have always overcome and when it comes to “Made in the USA” SoccerTee believes what was invented in the USA should be made in the USA.

madeinusa_heart_iconWe Want to Help Create Jobs

The state of the US economy matters to us. For this very reason, the SoccerTee was connected, designed, and is still only manufactured here in the USA.This enables us to help keep more jobs and business within our economy.

madeinusa_heart_iconAmericans Prefer Quality

SoccerTee is engineered by US aerospace engineers who emphasize quality through polymers that support long lasting durability and will handle the heat and cold environments across soccer fields in the US.

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